wherever you are
the end
not the end
because i’m not with you –
my imperfectly new anchor
i’m here, sailing rough seas
smiling bright and luminously
but underneath tailed up ends of poetry-laced lips
i’m screaming and licking my own salty tears for nourishment
no one sees
and you’re home,
you, blind to what we’ve done,
not me, aware and cracked open
hoping to heal, hoping for my anchor
my home
wherever you may be


manifesto #3

in my night’s dream
you, in an eastern wave of lazy comfort
emerged drenched from her insides
while i, sunbathed in alone, sat dry in a waking memory

manifesto #2

it used to be so easy
a game of sexy maneuvers and i knew how to win
now instead of saying in a superior tone, “checkmate,”
i stare at chess board, get up and walk away

manifesto #1

with no wild cards up my sleeve
no winning moves in mind
just a blissful vision
of a one of a kind reckless love

paradox of distant closeness

in a distance
12 universes away, multiverse explained
living a duel life, not ordinary
alive and colorful
married as lovers, as elite humans on a crooked edge of love’s hold
a perfectly constructed tree house in front of a blue ranch
a river in back
us inside
me playing with kids
wrestling, tickling, laughing
you watching and smiling
delighted in us
in a distance not close
not even slightly attainable
in paradox of distant closeness

and then i knew you

i knew everything
and then I knew you
spellbound by synchronicity
cosmically divine chance
and it wasn’t supposed to happen again
but i know it well
undefinable nuances that push two unwilling souls together
i’ve been versed, you see, on how to fine tune strings of theory
no longer someone else’s student
no longer an amateur
and through meditation
they speak
two connected souls
and through a mystical universe, unyielding to love
they, unable to be hand in hand, connect

today’s me

i’m not me anymore
just a cloud between context of me
of who i was yesterday
alive, bright-eyed turquoise all-seeing mini-globes
connected with universe’s synchronicity
ever-changing, ever-evolving
but today i am not that me
today i am dead-eyed, black and muted
elapsing at light-speed
highest burning degree,
inspiration twirling away into a furious hole
laughing as it rides an asteroid into unattanable galaxy
and today i wish for the me i usually am
but wishes fall on dead stars
which exploded millions of years ago
so today, i’ll be the me i hate to be
the me that’s not even here