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blue eyes wide with dreams destructing a self-created illusion
caught in a sideways glance
a dragonfly shaded in several hues of green rests on a pale-brown face
poised, powerful in her silence
in her moment of apotheosis
when she ascends above her disposition
in an alley of a war-torn gallery


yellow star and a porcelain moon

A gallery of people analyze
dark they all say
and I nod, just allow them to interpret
pretend i don’t know it’s you
always you
porcelain, do you carry the moon in your womb
and i answer within my art
yes, always pulling your ocean current
to placid sea, away from rough rogue waves
carrying your head as a lantern to see with
when night’s darkness illminates my inner saddness
when i’m lost and i need to find my way
and through my isolated tears
your blue astronomy eyes light way
through every cosmic moment
in a yellow starred night

This happened today…

I have a few things that I’m going to go back and fix but this is mostly complete. It’s oil pastel on 18×24. I think I’ll call it The Cosmos.

Work Vs. Art

Sunday afternoon I was staring at a pile of ungraded student projects when really I wanted to be doing art…

following art

my art went for a walk
it journeyed farther ahead than i
leaving a trail of broken oil pastels
deep maroon, lime-pop green and sandlewood,
paints soiled into ground mixing with nature’s brown
to form a dark menagerie of a dirt rainbow
and letters from poetry
left prints embedded between weeds and lady slipper flowers along path
I tried to follow but fell behind
as perhaps the cosmos intended all along

Eric Allshouse

Eric completed this picture of me in ’96. It’s colored pencil.

I have many fond memories in my life. Many of those memories occured while living with the Allshouse brothers. I moved to California with Dave who was my boyfriend. Shortly after, his brother Eric moved in. I was in my early 20’s and was attending the Creative Writing program at San Diego State University and they had both long graduated from UMASS Amherst with Art degrees. We were a house of creativity and intellectual ponderings. Eric set up shop in our quasi-garage and would work on his art. When I stumbled across this on youtube, I felt truly thankful to have had those brothers in my life. Eric is such an amazing artist and anyone who loves art should be aware of his talents. He completed the Bob Marley in our garage long ago. Dave and I would sit and watch him, often discussing the piece with him as he progressed through it. Please check out his work:

The Phoenix Rises

Lapsed in time’s hands
she unfolded her fetal pose
blank pages
empty canvas
and she breathed life into her art-
his gift
her silent champion
that lifted her to phoenix
then watched from afar
waiting for her to live again
for her poetry to drip like soft rain
from Northern Lights
in a cold winter sky