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No Words

Okay, I haven’t experimented with writing fiction for years and so this little story has somewhat taken me surprise. I truly have no idea where it came from. It just came…and I let it.

An experiment in short fiction…

No Words

She sat in the antique olive green chair and half stared at herself in the mirror; half stared out the window of the historic home. Her face was made-up and somewhat unrecognizable to her own self. Her coloring was pale, her lips a deep auburn-mahogany and the light coal-colored shadows emphasized the greenish-blue sparkle in her eyes. She knew that she looked pretty but wondered if she looked beautiful for him. As she wondered that, within her peripheral vision, she caught a glimpse of her brother playing with her daughter outside. She smiled.

There had been a few knocks on the door. Apparently, no one got that she wanted to be alone. No one had ever really understood that about her…how she valued her solitude. She was a writer, after all, and solitude was a necessary element of her craft. Within isolation, her pen was electric. Within a crowd, she was lost. She got up, her 1940’s dress falling to touch the floor as she rose, and she walked to the window. She knocked loudly enough to get her daughter’s attention. Both her brother and her little girl smiled and waved. A tear formed. A tear that was filled with years of baggage rolled down and away, releasing with it the guilt that had both strangled and stifled her for years. It was gone. It was finally gone. She puckered and pressed her lips to the window as she pretended to catch a kiss that her daughter blew towards her.

Her mother walked in. She turned to her mother and asked, “Could you get him?”

“But he’s not supposed to see you.”

“Please. Can you get him?” Though she knew her mother wanted this moment to be hers, she didn’t know how to let it. She never knew how to allow people to get close. Except for him.

When he walked in, she held her breath. He did that to her. It was as if her heart had to stop to connect to the rhythm of his before continuing on. She didn’t turn around. She just stared outside as he walked to her and placed his hand on her shoulder, slightly pulling her back and into him. They stood. No words were needed. No words were ever needed.

“You ready to rock-n-roll?”

She didn’t even answer. She just tuned and cupped the side of his face in her palm. She didn’t struggle to look up into his eyes like she used to. That’s not to say that his eyes didn’t still jolt her. They did. She just had finally accepted the power within them and had allowed herself to let them look into her…to really look into her. He was the only one. He knew it. She knew it. And they were both, similar souls as they were, ready to walk the rest of their lives as one.

As he kissed her forehead, he said, “I’ll see you in a few, kid.” She smiled as she watched him leave.

Her nerves were like live wires when it was time. Though she had played it out in numerous fantasies, this was actually really it. The music came on: Love You Till the End by The Pogues. It was time to start walking. She put one foot in front of the other, singing the lyrics in her head, and she couldn’t hold them back. The tears came uncontrollably as she looked to him, his eyes on her and his mouth slightly open. Though the tears came, so did her smile. Her friends, family and colleagues looked at her with confusion. She knew why too. They had never seen her cry. They had never seen the depth of love within her until she looked at him. She laughed. He grabbed her, pulled her tightly towards him, heart to heart, and he kissed her. The crowd was surprised by the abruptness of their kiss. They shouldn’t have been though. Not with her and him. Not with them. They had never been conventional. They kissed and they kept kissing and then they said together, “No words,” as they laughed and danced together before finally becoming one.