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Joan Jett Inspiration

Sometimes I watch videos and I get inspired to play dress up. Welcome back late ’80’s Joan Jett inspired hair:)


Writing Zone

Work Vs. Art

Sunday afternoon I was staring at a pile of ungraded student projects when really I wanted to be doing art…

Things that make me cry…

“A writer like Mommy”

Photogging It Up In Florida

My Baby is in the Nikon Hospital

A few good shots before the Nikon broke…

I’ve had my Nikon D3100 since Chrsitmas of last year. I got it as a gift from my mom who thought that it was time that I should get something that I really wanted as opposed to something I really needed. During the past year, I’ve spent time courting my Nikon. I’ve cuddled it, nurtured it when it needed some loving, catered to its needs and so on. I love my camera. To get to know it better, I took some Photography classes. I was slow to get out of the shy phase but finally did and then really began to explore the capabilities and vulnerabilities of my equipment.

I love Photography. I’ve capitalized on my artist’s eye and I’ve learned to leap from taking mediocre-good pictures to advanced-good pictures. Some pictures turn out great but I’m not quite ready to say I’m a great photographer. I’m not. However, I will be in time.

I feel like, besides having an artist’s eye, there are a few qualities that aide in me becoming a better photographer: I have a super poor sense of direction and an affinity for getting lost, I have an underdeveloped sense of danger and an above average sense of what would make good pictures.

I had a plan of what and who I wanted to shoot while visiting home. I carefully packed my camera and held it on my person while on the plane. I woke, my first day home, to fog over the pond and immediately, while still in my pajamas, grabbed the Nikon and went outside to start shooting. A few hours later, I wanted to shoot again and realized that my baby was sick. It wasn’t taking pictures and it was struggling to focus. Something was wrong. Luckily, I had just gotten the IPhone and was able to snap away with that while home but I wasn’t able to shoot any really good pics except for the few I took on the pond that morning.

My camera is now resting at a Nikon hospital facility otherwise known as the manufacture’s. I’m hoping that it comes home soon all prettied up and fixed so that I can start shooting again. I miss it!

Getting to some Ireland Poetry & Pics

Christ Church
July in Dublin
aromatic ethnic street food lining walkway-
Thai, Korean, Greek, Lebanese, Mexican
filling Irish air with a cultural stew of flavor

And the French girl on lunch break
eating with chopstix
fashioned in Euro-urban style
quickly ate before briskly disappearing into city’s busy streets