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sad state of affairs, wednesday night 3/20/2013


everything’s a mess really
montsanto wants to poison our food
turn cabbage, celery and carrots into genetically modified
clones of vegetables, not real vegetables
sci fi vegetables
the president is in israel knocking on doors
knock knock says the us president
who’s there cries the palestinian
get out says the us president
why asks the palestinian, entire family in tears
for the lulz says the us president
and no one seems to care
everyone’s on twitter twittering tweets
free teh info says anonymous
trying to save the world
naive do-gooders
or ultra intelligent cyber geeks with souls
no one really knows because they’re anonymous
and what am i to do, really
save, inform, read more, retweet, retweet some more
free teh info
or look at memed pics of cats and stroll through craigslist casual encounters
but there’s a twitter storm to a brewin’
a new op to keyboard about
to try to save the world from godzilla cabbage
and roided up leaders of a zionist state


just a cynic’s view

every cynic
sizing up day’s political wins and woes
is an idealist whose hope
is coated in a sarcastic noose around throat
tightening words
into fireballs of satiric wit
every cynic’s heart beats with fury
with love of country, love of peace, love of a ‘happy ending’
and the idealist in them
though hidden
speaks volumes in silence of a cynic’s smirk

we are anonymous

we are legion
we, peoples of this united states
who value our american way of life, our cares, our wants
our constitution and our bill of rights
we do not forgive
for cctv’s, privacy infringement, stolen freedoms,
unlawful detainment, witch hunts on men who become larger than men –
assange who is freedom of speech in a corporal vessel
nor do we forgive for
a walk towards dystopia while under a guise of red, white and blue
we do not forget
we have rights alienated upon us by our forefathers’ blood
screaming in blue skies, through cumulus clouds,
echoed into our ears and sung by eagles
expect us
to remember, to fight, to believe

Another Friday Night News Segment

Bickering white men
Republicans duking it out for primary wins
pundits over-analyzing this and thats
of what he said or should have said.
Assad’s army attacks it’s own people
Homs, Syria
massacring 200 in a bloodbath
bullets blazing
watching in real time
on livestream
waiting for it to make mainstream news
finally a story breaks
on validity of massacre.
I just watched it in real time
American news machine feeding drones
who believe anything in a sleeping nation

Nam Vet

He fought for his county
back in the
The Nam
back when war was broadcast on evening news
bodies, men with guns
men with wounds camouflaged with gushing blood
ears dangling from chains around necks
no one wanted war because everyone saw war
we don’t see much war these days
turn channel
Kardashians, Real Housewives, corporate sponsored news
with corporate sponsored well-groomed news anchors
giving sugar-coated gumdrop stories of what they want you to know
men caught pissing on corpses in desert
it’s not a big deal
an end zone triumph
what do they know about war and how it warps minds
so protected from truth in comfy armchairs
no mutilated bodies to go with meatloaf and mashed potatoes
whistles of shots fired between bites and dinner conversation
nothing is real
and so he swigs whiskey
during a 58 second segment on politics of a desert war
but not footage of the desert war