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Symbolism in the Monarch

Maybe you don’t know that you visit me in dreams
you do
You’re there more often than I would like
revealing your secrets through surrealistic scenes of my reels.
How much is real, I wonder?
The other night you were hooked up to a morphine machine
and she wouldn’t let me save you
I kept trying to break in to cut the morphine stream
but she caught me
you looked so close to death.
Morning came and I shook it off
she couldn’t be that terrible to try to end your life…
or could she?
Is she slowly sucking your life away?
Is this all symbolic of something beyond me?
The next night came and there you were
I remember your words
“You’re a monarch butterfly. I’m afraid that if I touch you, I’ll tear your wings.”
Do you see me in such a way –
as an orange, black and white butterfly fluttering from lilac to orchid?
Of course I analyzed it…what does it all mean?
Orange is energy, creativity and zest
Black is mystery, power and magic
White is purity, peace and divinity
And the butterfly –
Metamorphosis, rebirth and vitality
Is it true what you say in dreams?
Am I a monarch butterfly?
Are you, kind kindred soul, afraid to tear my wings?