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Rules for a Punk Show

Allow me to help…

Rules for Attending a Punk Rock Show

1. If you are a female, be sure to not wear a half shirt if you are sporting muffin top. It’s not flattering. Sure, those jeans look good on you from the hip down. Great! Wear them with a shirt that doesn’t emphasize your muffin top.


2. If you are a female, don’t slam dance. Bop your head. Enjoy a drink. Feel free to dance a little but don’t slam dance. Ever!!!

3. If you are a female, do not participate in a lugey hocking contest. Wow!


4. If you are 1 of 4 men slam dancing, just stop. You have now become the side entertainment and we don’t need side entertainment. We like the band. Be a leader and stop. Also, tell your 3 other friends to stop too.

5. If you have questions about your dancing ability, watch yourself in the mirror. If you look like you are running on a treadmill, then gather up some new moves. Feel free to practice them before you leave your house.