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and in a hazy turquoise stare, she sighed heavily…waiting as she lifted dusted blinds. her ancient eyes ablaze…blue-green fires burning to a hidden rhythm only she could hear…and she danced. her feet, carrying microscopic jewels in sand wedged between toes…her white skirt flowing upwards as she continued spinning…spinning as if she was herself the music and as if she controlled time…foolish time dripping into a desert, evaporating before it could leave a trace. moments come and go but this moment stays and then a hand slowing her down…and another bringing her to a complete stop. foreheads touching, beads of sweat mixing into a heated aphrodisiac…and then he said it, “dance with me.” her rhythm swept into his and their music rang through a shattered universe.


sacrificing the queen

do i regret sacrificing my queen?
who, that ‘ol bird?
the one who’s been standing idle in same square for a century?
’bout time i pulled up her skirt and exposed her
let her get her feet wet while dancing in shallow end of a lake
while listening to sad songs about connections
she was tired, after all,
from years of hiding behind pawns in life’s treacherous chess-affair of the heart

falling slowly

last night, your face meeting mine from across an ocean
did i drink absinthe?
did moon fall from space creating a swirling rainbow in earth’s night sky,
faded colors against a bright black starry tapestry?
were there green and purple butterfly wings trapped inside my eyelids?
was i floating in a smile, not mine?
did i wear ice skates and skate on a thin placid sheet in a nebula?
and did i, by command of cosmos, continue falling slowly into your quantum?

manifesto #5

she will love you like a dripping violet daisy aches to dance in eastern wind
she will open her battle-wounded petals
she will allow you to comfort her
and she will close petals around you, making herself your home

manifesto #3

in my night’s dream
you, in an eastern wave of lazy comfort
emerged drenched from her insides
while i, sunbathed in alone, sat dry in a waking memory

manifesto #2

it used to be so easy
a game of sexy maneuvers and i knew how to win
now instead of saying in a superior tone, “checkmate,”
i stare at chess board, get up and walk away

manifesto #1

with no wild cards up my sleeve
no winning moves in mind
just a blissful vision
of a one of a kind reckless love