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Dear Mother

Dear Mother

Open blistered wounds
cracked into melted skin
& left as prey to vultures
And you,
you salted and baked wounds
wearing an apron and a smile,
blanketing deceit with oven mitts ,
masking a charade with dollop of seasoning.
am not
carrying your burden like the Ancient Mariner,
there is no albatross tied like a noose to my neck.

I am birthed from your agony
I cannot deny this
but I do not shed skins of your yesterday.

I am strength
diamond cut from my struggles
& I shine even through darkness
you cast me into,
tenderly tucked me in
sang a lullaby
rocked me
& then left

You didn’t hold out hold out tissue
to cleanse cheeks
once rosy peach
now white with Plath’s endless fury
& constant torment.
Sylvia did make death her habit
I choose life
for I am too stubborn
too grandiose
too radiant
to use your oven for my head

I was indeed forced to cry
by you
who should have protected
& I’ll shine
even for you, dear Mother
I’ll make this promise
to you
I will always rise in your horizon
& through your darkest hours
I’ll hold your tissues
even if you couldn’t do that for me
even in your neglect,
Dear mother

Copyright © Ellen Garrity 2004