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manifesto #5

she will love you like a dripping violet daisy aches to dance in eastern wind
she will open her battle-wounded petals
she will allow you to comfort her
and she will close petals around you, making herself your home



in brown eye’s locked stare, stealing blue-green eyes
i want to die
and birth a new and better me
where you and i are suspended as lovers in a sunbeam

manifesto #4

not him, not yesterday
no one who i waved goodbye to
no one who doesn’t remember my taste
it’s you, today


wherever you are
the end
not the end
because i’m not with you –
my imperfectly new anchor
i’m here, sailing rough seas
smiling bright and luminously
but underneath tailed up ends of poetry-laced lips
i’m screaming and licking my own salty tears for nourishment
no one sees
and you’re home,
you, blind to what we’ve done,
not me, aware and cracked open
hoping to heal, hoping for my anchor
my home
wherever you may be

manifesto #3

in my night’s dream
you, in an eastern wave of lazy comfort
emerged drenched from her insides
while i, sunbathed in alone, sat dry in a waking memory

manifesto #1

with no wild cards up my sleeve
no winning moves in mind
just a blissful vision
of a one of a kind reckless love

fickle heart

you took me for an abandoned raindrop
stuck on outside of a window pane of a colonial home
after a slow afternoon sprinkle, unnerving then calming
you thought me as fickle, that i would slide down
bounce off rim and into a jungle of pricked, manicured
tempting blades of lustful grass
that i would dissolve into soil and harden with winter’s force
how wrong you were about me, friend
for my heart is strong and true
not fickle as a friend’s heart
that was given to another
i was never so fleeting as a raindrop
a tepid candle eternally burning a feverish flame
lighting rain’s journey home
you, friend, were the raindrop
didn’t you know a mirror blocked your view of me?