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“…just promise me that we’ll be alright…”

And you did and I did and we ended up alright. We won. We threw each other swords, turned our backs to each other and conquered those pesky goblins like heavenly, angelic warriors.


“a soul in tension is learning to fly”

anthem song brought to you by mr. waits

If you replace “wife” with “old man,” this would be a perfect Ellen’s anthem song addition…

what i’m thinking about right now…

haunted by tesla

I was on the couch, Steven Colbert in the background, and I felt myself begin to drift into sleep. As Colbert faded, all of a sudden I began to hear Tesla’s Paradise playing in my brain as if I had head phones on. I don’t believe in coincidences so I thought that I would post about this occurance since it was so strange. Why this song?

yellow star and a porcelain moon

A gallery of people analyze
dark they all say
and I nod, just allow them to interpret
pretend i don’t know it’s you
always you
porcelain, do you carry the moon in your womb
and i answer within my art
yes, always pulling your ocean current
to placid sea, away from rough rogue waves
carrying your head as a lantern to see with
when night’s darkness illminates my inner saddness
when i’m lost and i need to find my way
and through my isolated tears
your blue astronomy eyes light way
through every cosmic moment
in a yellow starred night

wednesday night tunes

“no one alive can always be an angel…”