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An epicly flawed tragic hero
he watched me
i felt him
knew his presence like an old friend
visiting years after existence
after death had worn his filthy clothes
and draped itself in its sheets
i knew his worth, though he questioned his
and yet, i knew him a superman
i built him into a force
a comic book soldier
a marvel
he flew with cape flying with atronomical force
in spite of me
to another
and now my bitter zombie hands
touchable and untouchable,
or not
to another’s shoulder
to a him i never knew


From 1 to Adele, How do You Feel?

On a scale from 1 to Adele, how do I feel sometimes? Well, do these songs answer your question?

you’re gone again

where did you go
bed blankets in zero gravity
eyes staring in windows from space
I felt you staring
again, and you’re gone now
crystal eyes, blue eyes, gray eyes
red-clouded nuclear storm eyes
fracturing earth
seperating us
wires from you to me were cut in night
leaving heart to hemorrhage
like another break in what used to be us

a new him

I want to dive into a new life
for a minute
to forget
to immerse myself into a new him
in a way that I could see him and not you
to be wrapped into a white picket fenced thing
with a him that sees something in me
that draws his inspiration
I want to be able to not have to pretend
with a new him
to not see in him a him that I wish was you

Shut Up, Heart

When my heart tries to sing
I say shut up, heart
what right do you have to sing?
didn’t I drown you in whiskey long ago?
didn’t you bloat like a corpse?
I left you for dead, you rotten heart
let me be with my thoughts
with my todays
don’t corupt me by singing songs of yesterday
I no longer want to hear those wilted songs
I don’t care what you ache for, heart
don’t you know by now
what you ache for doesn’t ache for you
-doesn’t hear you sing
so stop singing, heart
and let me rest