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sad state of affairs, wednesday night 3/20/2013


everything’s a mess really
montsanto wants to poison our food
turn cabbage, celery and carrots into genetically modified
clones of vegetables, not real vegetables
sci fi vegetables
the president is in israel knocking on doors
knock knock says the us president
who’s there cries the palestinian
get out says the us president
why asks the palestinian, entire family in tears
for the lulz says the us president
and no one seems to care
everyone’s on twitter twittering tweets
free teh info says anonymous
trying to save the world
naive do-gooders
or ultra intelligent cyber geeks with souls
no one really knows because they’re anonymous
and what am i to do, really
save, inform, read more, retweet, retweet some more
free teh info
or look at memed pics of cats and stroll through craigslist casual encounters
but there’s a twitter storm to a brewin’
a new op to keyboard about
to try to save the world from godzilla cabbage
and roided up leaders of a zionist state


gaza under attack

Dedicated to Hanen Tafish, a 10 month old killed following an Israeli air strike on Gaza on 11/15/2012.

low-flying drones
diployed from tel aviv
gaza under attack
who’s watching
are you?
or are you watching honey boo boo?
a peaceful people held captive by hamas and israel
two politically violent entities
both like rabid bears trapped in a room
both ignorant to people’s cries for peace
jews and arabs
and a city gets darkened by an affluent israel
rich and draped in american machinery
are you watching now?
gaza under attack
israel cutting off water, electricity, internet
attacking, dropping bombs
killing innocent people
innocent children
in an endless war trapping a peaceful, prayerful people
of two faiths
are you watching?